The African cow holds a special place among many other meat origins in Nigeria. Our society today rely on cows for their milk production, meat, hides & skin as well as manure, including several other by-products. They are reared mostly by cattle hersdmen, who can be found in many places in Nigeria.

Beef is the name of the meat sourced from cows, and it is loved and eaten by a large percentage of the world's population. It is used in preparing meals for wedding celebrations, religious events among a host of others. Little wonder why cow is a high-value commodity in the Nigerian sphere.

A Male cow is called a bull, it's female counterpart is called a cow (particularly if she has birthed a calf or two). A young female is termed a heifer if she has given birth to a calf and has an age below three years of age. Also, a young male is called a calf.

Without cows, meat would be beyond the reach of many low-income households, it's alternative, the goat meat, is pricey on it's end and keeps people opting for the beef.

Where can I buy cow in Nigeria?

Cow can be bought from cattle rearers, who roam the country side as well as urban areas in Nigeria. Cow can also be bought from local abbatoir markets, albeit at steeper prices.

If what you want is just a small beef portion rather than a complete cow, you will be able to buy one from markets and meat shops. Availability is guaranteed across all states in Nigeria.

How much does a cow cost in Nigeria?

A full grown cow costs as much as ₦150,000 in Nigeria. Prices can reach as high as ₦380,000 for defect-free, meaty and well-developed adults.

A calf costs at least ₦120,000 currently, however calves are not fully developed and hence lack meaty portions which adults possess.

How much can I buy beef in Nigeria?

Beef cost as little as ₦1,000 for 0.5 kilogram, or ₦2,000 for 1 kilogram in Nigerian markets.

Can I buy cow online?

No, cattle in general cannot be bought via online retailers, you will need to visit the nearest abbatoir to purchase one.

Can I buy beef online?

Yes, online stores list beef as one of its available products. Purchases can be made on konga and Jumia.

Adult Cow - ₦150,000 to ₦380,000
Calf - ₦120,000 to ₦150,000
Beef - ₦1,000 for 0.5 kilogram
Beef - ₦2,000 for 1 kilogram