Ceiling Fan
Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is an electronic gadget built with a motor and fan blades, installed and hung from a ceiling which circulates air in its immediate environment. It is an alternative to the standing oscillating fan.

Ceiling fans are designed with bladed arms. These arms can also be referred to as fan blades. These fan blades are rotated by an inbuilt motor, located directly above the moving blades. There are different lengths of fan blades available, and popular ones include; 25", 56" and 60" fan blades.

Short fans are those with a blade length of 25-inches, mid-sized fans are those with 56-inches, and long fan blades are those with 60-inches. There also a vast array of brands which manufacture ceiling fans, a few of which include; OX, Bianco, Qasa and Orl.

One of the visible effects observable in the course of using a fan, is the gradual build up of dust. This arises because, as the blades rotate, it becomes charged and starts attracting dust to it. Cleaning the dust off from the surface of the ceiling fan can be simply done.

How to clean a ceiling fan?

To clean a ceiling fan, here's a list down of steps:

  1. Use a ladder or chair to climb up, in order to be able to reach the ceiling fan due to it's height.
  2. Dust the fan, including the blades with a dry cloth.
  3. Use a damp rag to clean the hub, housing and fan blades thoroughly.
  4. Then use a dry cloth to thoroughly remove dirt on the surfaces.

Where can I buy a ceiling fan?

Ceiling fan is sold in electronic stores in Nigeria. Availability is also guaranteed in online stores such as Jumia, konga and Olist (for previously owned models).

What is a ceiling fan used for?

A ceiling fan is used to provide cooling during high temperature conditions, and also maintain aeration services in the home, office, room or indoor setting.

How much does ceiling fan cost in Nigeria?

The price of ceiling fan in Nigeria is ₦11,000 for the 56" fan blade type. Higher costs of about ₦13,000 to ₦16,000 are associated with the smaller (but efficient) 25" ceiling fan.

More so, a 60" ceiling fan costs from ₦20,000 to ₦26,000 in Nigeria.


Ceiling Fan (25" fan blade) - ₦13,000 to ₦16,000

Ceiling Fan (56" fan blade) - ₦11,000 to ₦17,000

Ceiling Fan (60" fan blade) - ₦20,000 to ₦26,000