Dust Pan / Packer
Dust Pan / Packer


Dust pan or packer as it is most often called in Nigeria is a flat scoop, designed with a handle, which is used for collecting and disposing of dirt.

It is one of the early instruments people buy when moving into apartments, or when they relocate to different locations with little baggage. This trend is attributable to the fact that just as sanitation is important to the presentability of a place, including our health, so also are dust pans used in doing sanitation exercises such as; cleaning of homes, surroundings, outdoor places e.t.c.

A dust pan is also called a packer. It is made of plastic or in some instances, aluminium metal. Packers come in different colours such as blue, red, pink, grey, gradient-filled, poka dots among many others.

How to use a dustpan?

A dustpan is held flat on the floor while holding the handle by hand. A brush or hard broom is then used to sweep dirt into the dustpan. The dustpan is further taken for final disposal of the dirt.

Dust Pan / Packer (With Brush)
Dust Pan / Packer (With Brush)

What is a dust pan used for?

Dust pan is used to carry out a couple of chores including:

  • Removal of dirt, which has been swept off for collection.
  • Partial scrubbing of dirt from the surface of floor, with the shovel edge, during sweeping.

How to extend the lifespan of a dust pan, and prevent breakage?

Avoid keeping dust pan under direct sunlight, to prevent degradation of its plastic structure. A degradation of the plastic component of a dust pan, will make it to break easily when handled, leading to its eventual damage.

How much does dust pan or packer cost?

The price of dust pan (without brush) is ₦500 in many parts of Nigeria. However, the price may fluctuate to ₦900 in some locations. For the other variant, i.e. dust pan or packer (with brush), it costs within a span of ₦1,000 to ₦2,000.


Dust Pan / Packer only - ₦500 to ₦900

Dust Pan / Packer (with brush) - ₦1,000 to ₦2,000