Electric Blender
Electric Blender

A blend of fruit salad, is what keeps many active and refreshed in their day-day activities. Electric blender is a kitchen appliance that is utilised in the chopping, puréeing and grinding of food. It can be used in the preparation of liquid or semi-liquid blends such as; smoothies, fruit juice, ice cream, milk blends and so much more.

Electric blenders are built with different mix-speed settings, and are usually labelled as low, mid and high. Operating an electric blender requires one to adjust the knob, dial or switch button to the desired speed level, while the blender is connected to the power outlet. The act of using a blender to pulverise or grind food is called blending.

Many households in Nigeria make use of crude equipment in the preparation of meals, these equipment may be mortar and pestle, grater, stone grinder e.t.c. Despite all these alternatives being available, none outperforms the electric blender with regards to efficiency in meal preparation. The non-electric blender variants are cumbersome to operate, time-consuming and stressful to work with, therefore it really highlights the need for electric blenders, as it is sought after by many home makers and hospitality workers.

What is electric blender used for?

Electric blender is generally used to do the following:

  • To grind semi-solid food into liquid form.
  • To pulverise ice into small bits, and mix with drinks/flavours.
  • Blend different liquid types.
  • Convert bigger solids into smaller particles, or even powder form.
  • Also to dissolve solids into liquid.

How much does electric blender cost?

Electric blender is a treasured kitchen accessory. It consistently ranks high among the most desired kitchen appliances. The price of electric blender is ₦17,000 for most brands in the market (mostly plastic-jar models). Prices are also tagged at ₦20,000 for glass jar models.

The stainless-jar electric blender is not as abundant as transparent (plastic and glass jar) equivalents. However, prices are also pegged at ₦20,000 for stainless steel electric blenders. You should note though, that stainless steel electric blenders obscure visibility of contents contained in the jar.


Plastic-jar electric blender - ₦17,000 to ₦24,000

Glass-jar electric blender - ₦20,000 to ₦28,000