Electric Fan
Electric Fan

Nigeria has a typically hot climate, and many Nigerians complain of the scorching heat of the sun and the discomfort it brings especially during sweaty days. With this trend, a lot of households make planned budgets for temperature regulating systems. Electric fans are standard house furnishings which play a vital role in the temperature management of buildings. An electric fan is an appliance which circulates air in a building, producing larger currents of air which keep the temperature of occupants, in a suitable state or comfortable condition.

Unlike countries in the polar regions, Nigeria has a normal day temperature range of between 24°C and 30°C. The high temperature value in Nigeria has been attributed to the cause of many ailments such as heat stroke, meningitis and general stress. Many federal workers and business owners also complain incessantly of the heat associated with the Nigerian weather. A noticeable effect of the high temperature is the sweaty unpleasant sensation often felt by people during the day and sometimes at night, which leaves many with no option but to sleep outdoors.

Owning an electric fan will go a long way to maximise your comfort and peace of mind with regards to health.

How much does an electric fan cost in Nigeria?

The price of electric fan ranges from ₦9,500 to ₦38,000. Popular brands include OX, binatone, samsung, moer, kamisafe, amongst many.

Twin-bladed plastic electric fans are the cheapest available with prices starting at ₦9,500 up to ₦14,000 across states in Nigeria. Multi-bladed electric fans made of ceramic or metal (usually aluminium) are more expensive, and are available for purchase with higher price tags of about ₦23,000 upwards. The length of fan blade, material type and overall durability are all factors which determine the retail value of electric oscillating fans.


Electric oscillating fan (plastic blade) - ₦9,500 to ₦14,000

Electric oscillating fan (metal or ceramic blade) - ₦12,500 to ₦38,000

Electric oscillating fan (18-inches/20-inches industrial model) - ₦32,000 to ₦62,000