Honey is an edible, viscous liquid with a sweet taste produced by honey bees and various other bee species. It is a very popular food additive, used by chefs, hoteliers and food manufacturers including the generality of the populace.

Honey can be used for so many private applications as well as industrial ones. Nigerians who appreciate the popular garri staple, also prepare 'drinking garri' with honey along with other optional ingredients.

Note: the term 'drinking garri' refers to raw garri that is soaked in water (i.e submerged in water), washed and then mixed with sweeteners before it is eaten.

Honey is a proven nutrient-adding food substance, which can be safely consumed by everyone. It also doesn't get spoilt, i.e it can be preserved for thousands of years and still be edible.

Where can I buy honey in Nigeria?

Honey is sold in bottle or jar in nigeria, and can be found in market centres, shoprite and local food stores.

There are different sizes of honey bottles which range from small, to medium, and big, of which the same applies to jars. In Nigeria, there are branded honey jars, and unbranded honey jars. Branded honey jars are often more expensive but have a guarantee in quality, while unbranded honey jars are prone to have counterfeits. In the case of bottles, the vast majority of it are unbranded, with little exceptions of it, with the rest being imported brands.

How much does honey cost in Nigeria?

Honey costs about ₦2,500 for a 50cl branded-bottle in Nigeria. It's unbranded counterpart costs less, at ₦1,000.

How much can I buy a jar of honey in Nigeria?

An 80g of honey jar cost ₦2,500 while a 340g of honey jar cost between ₦3,000 -₦4,000 for the branded type, in most parts of Nigeria. Unbranded honey jar will cost you between ₦1,500 to ₦4,000.

Can I buy honey online?

Yes, there are various honey brands available online, on konga and Jumia.

50cl honey bottle (branded) - ₦2,500
50cl honey bottle (unbranded) - ₦1,000
80g honey jar (branded) - ₦2,500
340g honey jar (branded) - ₦3,000 to ₦7,500
80g - 340g honey jar (unbranded) - ₦1,500 to ₦4,000