DVD player
DVD player

DVD is an acronym for "Digital Video Disc". It is a household appliance which enables viewing of media when a compact disc or CD-ROM is slotted into the disc drive of a DVD.

DVDs are immensely popular across Nigeria, it serves as an alternative to cable tv. People without access to the likes of gotv, dstv, starsat, strong digital television and so on, often find the DVD a must have in their homes. It is a relatively inexpensive gadget to acquire for most income earners, unlike the high fees associated with cable tv subscription which owners often have to cope with.

There are so many company brands available today that manufacture DVD players, talking about Samsung, LG, Sony e.t.c. Selecting a model is only a matter of preference, as most DVDs are produced according to international standards. Types of DVD trays include the slot-loading type and the manual-disc loading type. The slot model requires a user to only give a little push of a disc tray while it is aligned with the slot horizontally or vertically (according to the design of the DVD player), and the DVD will receive the disc automatically. On the other hand, the manual-disc loading model requires a user to press the open/close button, inorder to insert or remove a disc.

To watch movies or general media on a DVD, all you need to do is power on your DVD after connecting it to the wall outlet, and then press the open/close tray button. Slot in your disc, and then press the open/close button to close back the tray. You can then watch your media content.

The price of a DVD player, goes for ₦8,000 across Lagos, Abuja, and most parts of  Nigeria for the standard model. The Blu-ray model is more expensive and has a price tag which extends upwards to ₦15,000 and even retails for as high as ₦22,000 in some northern parts of Nigeria.