Electrical Socket Extension Box
Electrical Socket Extension Box

An electrical socket extension is a socket which is portable, as it can be placed at locations within a limited range, due to dependencies on the length of the electrical cord linking the box to a wall outlet. Other electrical appliances are subsequently connected to the extension cord for ease of access and maneuverability.

Electrical socket extension is a popular electrical gadget which is found in homes, business centres, offices, outdoor charging spots and even in some advert vehicles. Its use is ubiquitous and considered safe to deploy for usage.


It is a proven best practice to connect devices to an extension socket, rather than directly to a wall outlet because of the fuse-containing safety mechanism built-into extension sockets. Retrospectively, certain safety features present in extension sockets are absent in traditional wall sockets, meaning that, you could be endangering your electrical devices by plugging it directly to a wall socket. This is because at certain instances, voltage surges occur, and each surge holds the potential to damage electronics that are not protected by fuse or some other safety designs. Many gadgets that have been recorded to be destroyed by voltage surges, were mostly connected to power without safety fuse.

What colour of electrical extension socket is best for use?

Any colour of electrical extension socket is suitable for use, however you should ensure that the product is in good condition, and contains appropriate quality grade ratings before you make your purchase.

There is no documentation for an electrical extension socket i purchased, should i return it?

There is no need to panic because a lot of Chinese manufacturers, do not include paper documentation in extension cord packaging, nevertheless international laws stipulate that appropriate warnings be shown on electrical appliances. So you should be able to see visual guides or warnings, for a hazard-free operation of the power strip.

Is it safe to use power strips or extension cords?

It is entirely safe to use power strips or extension cords. International and local safety laws require manufacturers to warn consumers, if toxic chemicals are present in extension cord. Manufacturers also advise users to wash their hands after handling power strips that contain lead in the PVC insulation sheathing or exterior portions.


The price of electrical extension socket in Nigeria costs ₦2,500 for the huge catalogue of models available today, and up to ₦13,000 for some german-standard models. Extension sockets produced in germany are of higher quality build, and have longer durability/life span.

Tips to note before buying

  • Avoid paying for an electrical extension socket without a mark of standardisation, as it may be a sub-standard product.
  • Most electrical extension sockets in Nigeria are imported, hence a product with a notice showing 'made in China' will not have a Nigerian mark of standardisation. it will instead, have an appropriate standard rating from the country where it was manufactured or assembled, as in this case 'China'.
  • Be sure of the price benchmark of electrical extension sockets, to avoid overpaying for a product.


Electrical extension socket - ₦2,500 to ₦13,000 (for german-shipped models).