Sandwich Maker
Sandwich Maker

Sandwich maker is a kitchen equipment used to toast, seal and heat sandwiches. A sandwich is popularly known as any food which contains bread as a wrapper of a different food type; which may be vegetables, eggs, cheese or meat.

The sandwich maker is a handy electronic to have in the home, whenever the need arises to prepare fast sliced-bread meals for the family. Sandwich makers are often designed with durable, non-stick materials and often ship with 1 -2 year warranty. Breville, MHT spell, among others, sell with warranties as long as 5-years.

The heating plates of a sandwich maker are crafted to resist corrosion including wear and tear. It is also surface finished to make cleaning easy.

A Sandwich maker cost between ₦8,100 to ₦33,000 in Nigeria. Cheaper models include; crown star, saisho, george home e.t.c with the list going on. Whenever you intend to buy one, try asking for these models, as these are some of the most affordable brands in the market.

Sandwich makers are generally built with light indicators, for controlled cooking. It features a heat-resistant handle that make it simple to carry around.