Wallpaper (shown in a room).

Wallpapers are beautiful artworks which are fitted on walls to decorate homes, offices, contained spaces and even outdoor environments. It is appreciated by people who have inclinations towards a moderate-high level of taste for interior or exterior decoration. Experts in the home-making industry frequently encourage people to embrace these adorning materials, because it is believed to raise happy moods and improve the outlook of a place. A wallpaper by definition is a piece of art which is pasted on walls for the purpose of beautifying a segmented area or entire visual-space of a room or part of a wall.

Do wallpapers need glue to be able to paste on a wall?

Standard wallpapers require glue to be pasted on walls, but there are other wallpaper designs which are pre-fabricated with glue, these glue-bundled wallpapers are more expensive than standard wallpapers.

How much does a wallpaper cost?

A wallpaper costs between ₦3,700 - ₦5,500 ($5 american US dollars) for a 70cmX77cm metric size. More exotic designs can reach as high as ₦54,000 ($90 american US dollars) for dimensions greater than 5 metres. Nevertheless, a standard size of 70cmX77cm will be sufficient for many single rooms, or business centres. Although, living rooms will require wallpapers that extend further to the 5 metres mark.

Whatever your design requirements may be, wallpapers are readily available across Nigeria, as numerous vendors are in districts and streets in the country.