Mosquito Net

Health experts in Nigeria, advise people to sleep under treated mosquito nets. Children in particular, under the watch of their parents or guardians are encouraged to always use mosquito nets in their homes, because of the presence of malaria-transmitting mosquitoes which are prevalent in many households.

It is of necessity that these nets are stocked in our homes, and are kept in good condition.

Are mosquito nets safe to use?

Mosquito nets are completely safe to use anywhere. It is often treated with insect repellents which are harmless to humans, but are effective in driving away insects.

Does the federal government of Nigeria give free mosquito nets?

The federal government of Nigeria issue free mosquito nets periodically, usually circulating it through primary and secondary schools, NYSC camps, including orientation exercises. The federal government, the state governments, and local governments, all perform joint roles in partnership with NGOs to carry out the distribution and information dissemination exercise. However, activities of this type is not guaranteed all year round, and stock is also limited.

Most people who want to have mosquito nets, will have to buy theirs at their own expense, due to the limitations in scope of the federal government assisted programmes.

How much does mosquito net cost?

Mosquito net retails for about ₦2,000 for standard designs, up to ₦10,000 (for a 7 X 7 bed size). Be sure to inspect the company specifications of a mosquito net, to ensure that it complies with international standards, and is pre-treated with insecticides.


Standard size - ₦2,000 to ₦4,500

Bigger size - ₦5,000 to ₦10,000