Electric Pressing Iron
Electric Pressing Iron

Electric irons are very useful for keeping our clothes free from wrinkles, while also making it crease-free and presentable. It is a very important household gadget which we cannot get by without. People of all ages rely on the electric iron for their laundry.

Types of electric pressing iron

There are two types of electric pressing iron based on functionality, and they are:

  1. Dry Iron and
  2. Steam Iron/Pressurized steam electric iron

Dry Iron

Dry iron price in nigeria
Dry iron

Dry irons are irons which operate only with the simplest mode of ironing -heat. Unlike the charcoal iron, it is an environmental and eco-friendly alternative. It is relatively inexpensive and durable. Dry irons lack steam-ironing capacity, so consumers of the dry iron will need to manually sprinkle water on their clothes during ironing, with a heat-press follow up. Prices are broadly around ₦5,500 to ₦11,000 in most states in Nigeria, including the federal capital territory.

Steam Iron

Steam iron price in Nigeria
Steam iron

The steam iron is simply an improvised traditional electric iron. It has a built-in water tank and has the capability to spray water or release steam on clothes during ironing. This type of iron gives a good ironing finish for fabrics. Most steam irons possess a power rating of between 1300w-2000w, with a water tank capacity of between 200ml-350ml.

Further on, the number of gears of steam irons are normally around 5. These gears perform different operations and are better suited for different types of fabric. Prices of the electric iron hovers between ₦6,000 to ₦18,000. There are so many models to choose from, however you may opt for models with larger water storage and higher power capacity.

Irons with higher ratings have more faster heating time and higher durability, albeit lower grade irons are still fine to have around, as it still performs above benchmarks. The steam output is usually around 30g/min, but this is not a cause for worry, as electric steam irons are designed for peak performance. The thermal conducting bottom plate, is generally made of aluminum-alloy material and ceramic, which both have excellent thermal conductivity and smoothness.

However, there are irons which do not have electric cords to be able to produce heat for ironing. Irons of this category are termed cordless steam irons or wireless steam irons.

Cordless steam iron
Cordless steam iron

As the name implies, these irons do not have a direct electric cord linking it to the wall outlet, and also do not have an in-built battery. Rather, they possess a secondary heating base, from which heat is drawn. The bottom plate of the wireless iron is simply placed on the heating base until a satisfactory temperature is reached, before the soleplate can be used for ironing.

The heat conducted on the iron soleplate may typically last for just 10-15 seconds after ironing, with the soleplate needing to be placed on the heating base again for further ironing. Users may utilise this time-lapse in arranging their laundry. Cordless irons are also readily available across Nigeria, and cost from ₦14,000 to ₦69,800 (for the largest water capacity models).

Pressurized steam electric iron

Pressurized steam electric iron price in Nigeria
Pressurized steam electric iron

This steam iron sub-type has a higher steam-pressure capacity. It's higher steam-pressure capacity is what basically differentiates it from the steam iron. Pressurized steam electric irons deliver supercharged steam in the range of between 90g-180g per minute, which ensures a more rapid ironing effect for even tougher fabrics such as cotton and polyethylene among many others. Prices range from ₦50,000 to ₦185,000.

Portable iron

Portable iron

Here's also the popular portable iron. Some portable irons possess only dry iron feature, many more have steam iron feature as well. Portable irons are usually smaller in dimension and are mostly used by travelers who desire their clothes to be ironed more frequently. Expect prices from ₦6,000 upwards with a maximum price tag of ₦9,000.

Manufacturers of all these iron types span across Mueller, Philips, Scanfrost, Havells, Russel Hobs and numerous more.


  • Dry Iron or portable iron- ₦5,500 to ₦11,000
  • Steam Iron - ₦6,000 to ₦18,000
  • Pressurized steam electric iron - ₦50,000 to ₦185,000
  • Portable Iron (heat-press model/steam hybrid model) - ₦6,000 to ₦9,000