Oral B toothpaste

Toothpaste is a very important hygiene item which is usually stored in a bathroom closet. It is a paste or gel dentifrice, which when applied on a toothbrush, is used to clean teeth, thereby promote the health of teeth including its appearance.

Practically, all households make use of toothpaste across the world. In Nigeria however, many rural homes lack access to modern teeth-cleaning items, as they rely on stick brushes to keep their teeth clean. Stick brushing methods are generally inefficient in keeping our teeth sparkling, as much as modern toothpastes do. Local teeth-brushing techniques only go as far as cleaning the teeth, but do not keep it in optimal condition all day long.

Toothpastes are amazing innovations by mankind which helps humanity keep it's hygiene going strong. As reported by CDC; there has been a decline in cases of tooth decay, as compared to the pre-20th century era.

What are the components of toothpaste?

Toothpastes consits of three main components such as fluoride, abrasives and detergent. Toothpaste constitutes of about 1,000 to 1,100 parts per million of fluoride, abrasives constitute about (8-20)% of total toothpaste composition, while detergent constitutes of about (1-2)%.

How does toothpaste clean the teeth?

Toothpaste performs it's cleaning action by providing mild abrasive action while brushing. This helps to scrub away plaque which would otherwise cause tooth disease. Detergents in the toothpaste provide lather which reduces friction and makes cleaning more thorough. Fluoride, being the most popular and active ingredient helps to prevent cavities.

Popular toothpaste brands in Nigeria

The most popular toothpaste brands in Nigeria include closeup, dabur herbal, Oral B, colgate e.t.c.

Below are some pictures of popular toothpaste brands available in Nigeria.

Dabur herbal toothpaste
Dabur herbal toothpaste

Colgate toothpaste
Colgate toothpaste

Closeup toothpaste
Closeup toothpaste

The price of toothpaste ranges from ₦150 to ₦950. Small tube-sized toothpaste costs ₦300, while medium-sized toothpaste retail for ₦500. The average price of the big (family size) toothpaste is ₦800.


Small tube size (40g family size) - ₦150 to ₦400

Medium tube size (95g family size) - ₦500 to ₦700

Big tube size (140g family size) - ₦800 to ₦950