TV Stand
TV Stand

It's family time, the TV gets switch on and the entire household is thrilled to watch some home entertainment. But what really carries the television, cable box, remote control and gaming console, all in a neatly arranged space?

Of course, there is no other answer than the TV Stand. The TV stand is a furniture item which is placed in living rooms, usually made of wood, with several pockets of space to place electronics and decorative artifacts.

How to clean a TV stand?

To clean a TV stand, you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Remove the television, including other things housed by the TV stand.
  2. Dust the TV stand.
  3. Then use a dry cloth to thoroughly remove dirt on the surfaces.
  4. For older furniture, use wood soap while wearing gloves to clean the furniture surface. The wood soap is applied on sponge, after which wet cleaning is done with a damp rag. This is further followed by drying of the TV stand.
  5. If the TV stand is stained, use isopropyl alcohol together with a damp rag, while wearing gloves to clean.
  6. Place the TV and other items back in place, in the TV stand.

Where to buy a TV stand?

TV stands are available in furniture shops and chain stores in Nigeria. Even so, if you own an extra-large television of about 100-inches and upwards, you will need to have a customised TV stand. On the bright side, ordering for a customised TV stand is hitch free, but may take a few days duration to be completed before it can be shipped to you.

What is a TV stand used for?

A television stand or TV stand is used to:

  • Carry the television, cable box (or decoder) and other electronics.
  • Provide an organised arrangement of tv-related gadgets in the living room.
  • Enable a decent sorting of wired connections, which helps prevent tangling of wires.
  • Increase the aesthetics of the living room or place of installation.

Where to repair a damaged TV stand?

A damaged TV stand can be repaired in furniture shops. For exotic TV stands, check your product warranty to know if coverage exist for it. Most times the company which produced the TV stand will take a delivery of your inoperable TV stand, repair it then ship it back to you. If no warranty exists or has expired, a dedicated furniture shop will be the best option to take your faulty TV stand for repair. To avoid having substandard repairs done which may significantly alter the original design of a TV stand, give appropriate requirements for exact replacements to be made.

All wood type replica materials are available in Nigeria. If precise wood material is not available, then material finishes which resemble the original wooden material can be easily sourced. Also, for plastic or metal components, replacements are also readily available nationwide in Nigeria.

How much does a TV stand cost In Nigeria?

The price of a TV stand in Nigeria costs from ₦10,000 for standard designs to ₦290,000 for imported exotic ones. Exotic TV stands come with luxury components, and are often built for large TV display sizes.


TV Stand (standard design) - ₦10,000 to ₦40,000

TV Stand (exotic design) - ₦70,000 to ₦290,000