When the rainy season approaches, it brings along with it so much precipitation that sometimes conflict with our mobility. Fortunately for us, umbrellas come to our rescue. An umbrella provides protection from the weather i.e shade from sun as well as shield from rain drops. It is an essential accessory to hold unto during unpredictable weather. It can go a long way in keeping one safe from the adverse effects of the atmospheric conditions.

What season is best for buying umbrella?

Umbrella tends to be more expensive during the rainy season. During the rainy season, there is usually a higher demand for umbrella, this causes the price of umbrella to rise. If you are buoyant enough, you may make your purchase during the dry season, as prices are expected to be lower during this period. Buying an umbrella during the dry season may save you in excess of one thousand naira or more.

How much does an umbrella cost in Nigeria?

Prospective buyers should budget between ₦2,500 for the mini size, to about ₦4,500 for bigger, more robust designs. Umbrellas have become a bit more expensive in recent months, than it used to be. This can be attributed to the global energy crisis which has lead to an increase in the cost of production overtime.

Where can I buy umbrella in Nigeria?

You can buy umbrella at clothing store outlets such as boutiques, display shops e.t.c. Umbrella is also available for purchase online, at popular stores such as jumia, konga and amazon, among others.


Mini-sized umbrella - ₦2,500

Medium-Larger sized umbrella - ₦2,500 to ₦4,500