Measuring Tape
A Measuring Tape

Cloth measuring tape is a long strip material, calibrated and designed to take accurate measurement of length of clothes. The cloth measuring tape is usually produced in a vast range of colours and is best suitable for taking length measurements of fabrics and clothing accessories. 

There are different types of measuring tape; with the most common being the 60 inches or (152 cm) length tape. Other popular types include the 100" or (254 cm) long tape and 120 inches or (304 cm) long variant. 

Tailors often find this peculiar sewing tool a very important item which aids them in the course of their work.  

How is tailor measuring tape used? 

Tailor measuring tape is read, by first establishing a starting point from where the tape is then drawn. The tape is further extended to another point which may be as intermediary or end point. Here, the calibrated portion which is situated where the measurement is satisfactorily reached determines the numeral length of the fabric. 


A starting point refers to where the measurement begins. 

An intermediary point, means a distance from the starting point which is not the intended end point.

An end point is situated at a particular area in the fabric where the length calculation stops. 

What material is fabric measuring tape made of? 

Fabric measuring tape is usually made of fiberglass, polyvinylchloride (PVC) or reinforced polyester.


Availability of tailor tape is guaranteed across the length and breadth of Nigeria, you may consider purchasing one at main-market stores as opposed to actual tailor shops due to its increased cost at certain tailor outlets. 


  • 60 inches or (152 cm) length tape - ₦400 to ₦800
  • 100 inches or (254 cm) length tape - ₦900 to ₦1,400
  • 120 inches or (304 cm) length tape - ₦1,500 to ₦2,000