• 📅 December 15, 2022

DKK Founders| Khalid Talukder (Right) and Dominic Duru(Left)

DKK Partners, a FinTech company with interests in emerging markets (EM) and foreign exchange (FX) liquidity,  has disclosed its intentions to start business logistics operations in the west african country, Ghana. The office will be located at Atlantic Tower building at Airport City, in Ghana’s capital, Accra.

DKK’s business expansion comes after the company posted profits which surged up to £63m, from a mere £3m posted the year before. The Company says, it has already concluded about 50% of the know-your-customer logistics stage, a part of its model to grow its user base consisting of top market companies and banks. DKK, highlights that its services in Ghana will commence in the first quarter of 2023. The FinTech company also revealed it will continually carry out the inclusion of  importers, who have a high demand for foreign exchange, into its database.

DKK Partners director, Sam Nti, said  “The Ghanaian market deals immensely in importation and has most of the country’s goods priced in foreign currency and not the local currency.

“This makes the demand for the foreign currency high, following the Bank of Ghana withdrawing their Foreign Exchange support to banks and other financial institutions to fund the importation of some goods like rice, vegetable oil and the like. This increases the room of opportunities for DKK to strive and reflects a promising and profitable future for DKK in Ghana.”

Khalid Talukder and Dominic Duru, founders of UK-based DKK, both started the company to assist businesses in carrying out high-risk, currency-related investments across cross-border markets, in a seamless manner. 

DKKs service offerings consist of virtual IBAN accounts and EM liquidity.

DKK Partners has also signed a deal with Bovill. The deal will embue Bovill with duties, to function as a global compliance partner to DKK Partners. Bovill will work in proffering legal guidance to DKK across all its geographical business presence.