Laptops are very useful portable gadgets, which aids us in executing intensive computing work. It features a screen panel, hinged to the edge of a base stand, with a keyboard situated on the upper face of the stand. Laptops are known for its versatility, much more than any other electronic device of its kind. It is used in offices, business centres, and in fact everywhere. 

There are different manufacturers of laptops; with HP, Apple, Dell, Toshiba, Asus and Samsung being among the lead producers of laptops globally. Laptops are used for a vast range of functions, which it's able to carry out, such as; running sophisticated graphics applications which are not readily available in other electronic gadgets, taking webcam recordings, editing documents, browsing the internet, as well as storing media.

Are laptops readily available?

Laptops can be purchased easily at dedicated computer electronic shops nationwide. However, cost may vary across retail outlets depending on the grade of laptop. 

How to clean a laptop?

To clean a laptop, you will need to use a dry piece of cloth, which does not have any moisture in it, in order to avoid liquid seeping into delicate components of the laptop, further causing damage to the laptop. Swipe gently across the laptop, to remove dust and dirt. Also avoid cleaning the display with a rough cloth, to prevent scratching the surface of the display.

Use a laptop approved cleaning napkin to clean a laptop.

How do i know what type of laptop is suitable for me?

If you are only going to be doing a lot of document editing and media management operations; such as watching movies, listening to music and playing light games, then a business laptop is suitable for you. Business laptops usually have a RAM capacity of between 2GB - 4GB, and at least 50GB ROM.

On the other hand, if you will be handling complex computer operations, or utilizing complex software, then a graphics intensive laptop will be best suited to carry out the tasks seamlessly. A graphics intensive laptop has a RAM capacity of 4GB, and at least 200GB ROM.

Also, for a user not experiencing a satisfactory level of performance from the preceding computer types, who demands even more raw processing power, then an ultra-modern laptop will be a basic requirement to handle such operations, such as extended graphics development activities. An ultra-modern laptop have a RAM capacity of between 8GB - 32GB, and at least 500GB ROM.

How much does a Laptop cost?

Laptop is quite expensive in Nigeria. You will need to budget a considerable amount of money to purchase one. Prices start at ₦75,500 for business laptops, and reach as high as ₦1.2 million for ultra-modern laptops.


Business Laptops - ₦75,500 to ₦120,000

Graphics Intensive Laptops - ₦130,000 to ₦270,000

Ultra-modern laptops - ₦300,000 to ₦1,200,000